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Mesh Clue collects personally identifiable information about our visitors directly through forms that they fill up either on our site, or by placing cookies in the user’s hard disk as they browse this website. The website Mesh Clue may place cookies in your computer’s hard disk when you:

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We do not store client address or credit card details. The payment used for processing purposes. We reserve the right of using this data like the billing address for future client concerns and render the assurance of not sharing this information with a third party.

The information given by you, will secure safely for providing a better service for you.

We hold the right to use the information stated by you for promotional purposes, we however guarantee of removing your details from our database post to your request of doing so. Responding to your requirements promptly, we take all the necessary efforts to keep you 100% satisfied from our work policy.

Change of Policy

Please be noted that the above mentioned privacy policy is subject to change and will be published at our website with immediate effect. It is in these regards that you are recommended to go through the clauses briefed over here for an apt understanding of our working procedure.

Agreement to the Policy

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